Professional Image Consultant

Why call an Image Consultant?  Image is everything, much like attitude.  Attitude shines through your image.  

A very important decision is made about you in the first 7 seconds of encountering someone.  Research supports that the brain makes 11 decisions about you in those first 7 seconds.  We say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but unfortunately we do!  Our physical appearance is the filter to our brain.  Body language and attitude shine through that first impression.

Do you (or your business) present the way you want to? Do you get noticed for the message you want to give?  It may be time to call an Professional Image Consultant.

“I want to help people perfect their professional image by knowing the

A, B, C, D’s of a positive imprint.” -Kathy Sazama

Becky Drury

A. Your Appearance

Appearance is powerful.  People have not been hired for positions they were qualified for because they did not present well.  Every industry has a “uniform”.  Knowing your industry, wearing the right colors, and presenting yourself with confidence is key.  I often find that people don’t know what to wear for certain occasions.  They guess or ask a friend.  Sometimes it works.  Yet other times it can be a costly mistake.  It truly is about dressing appropriately for the occasion.  I believe it is important to know your style and be authentic.  Style is unique to each of us.  Therefore, it is not a one size fits all method.


B. Your Behavior

Behavior is a part of your image.  How you sit, how you stand, how you carry yourself is important. Do you have confidence or are you uncomfortable in certain settings.  We sometimes don’t realize our gestures and how it comes across.  Body Language is a non-verbal communication and it can be powerful.


C. Your Communication

I believe that good communicators have 3 important traits.

  • They listen well, they’re trustworthy, and most of all authentic.
  • There are other traits but I find these to be the most important.
  • Good communication is a skill that takes time to learn.
Digital Imprint

D. Your Digital Imprint

Today is all about what is “out there”.  Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and LinkedIn are all easily accessible to a wide variety of those you come into contact with.  What is represented on digital media can give a positive or negative impression of you before you even meet someone. It’s best to be careful what you say, and the pictures you display.”