What defines you?

Does your past? A negative belief? Facebook? other social media? Ads? Magazines? All these are influences that can be overwhelming and leave you discouraged. These things can cultivate thoughts like “I don’t look that good”, “my family is not all perfect”, “How does one compete with that?” or
“I’m not good enough”. Ugh! Not positive.

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“To Beard or Not to Beard”……That is your Question?

Beards are popular these days! The question is however, is it a good idea in your profession? I observe many styles of beards, some are attractive and well groomed. Some look ratty, stinky and just plain nasty! (In my opinion). There are some interesting studies on beards and mustaches over the years. Trendy styles that date back to the late 1800’s to present day. Popularity of mustaches in the 20’s to goatees in the 90’s, and stubbles and full beards currently. Beards can also be associated with age, maturity, and manhood. Some other studies discussed the psychology of beards.

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Are we too casual?

Are we getting too casual in our work attire? Research states we are. An article by Robert Half at cpapracticeadvisor.com reports that 4% dress very formal. 21% somewhat formal, 61% somewhat casual, and 13% very casual.
The topic of how teachers dress was discussed by author Harry Wong in his book “The First Day of School”.
Another recent research article done by PayScale called Style vs. Salary reports that those folks in the category of Business formal made the higher incomes.
It is interesting the attention that is being made on how people dress in their industries. Is it because we know that in seconds those first impressions of a person are being judged? Is their concern that the manner in which people dress gives a message they don’t care? Not caring about self does it also indicate not caring for the customer? I find it interesting that the formal attire folks make more money but our attire is becoming more casual. So how does this work?

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Keeping your enthusiasm while reaching your goals

Ever wondered why you lose steam on your journey to reaching your goals? I get so frustrated at myself when my enthusiasm for a goal I want to hit dwindles. Obstacles and challenges that came up along the way make it difficult. I know it happens to all of us. Success or failure it is what we do about it.

Recently I was on a trip to CA with my family. We planned our day and knew approximately the travel time it would take. A great day visiting quaint communities like Salvong, CA. The Danish pancakes at the local restaurant where amazing I might add. Then onto some wonderful wineries in the area. A few challenges occurred along the way. California had 20 inches of rain in the last month. No longer dealing with drought conditions but instead flooding and rock/mud slides.

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Listening, how well do we listen?

Listening…we all know that it is a good thing to do, but do we really listen to others so they feel heard? I recently read an article put out by urbanconfessinal.org. How to listen when you disagree: A lesson from the Republican National Convention.

The writer made a great point in his article about listening to someone even though you may not share their view on issues. Issues like abortion, pro life or pro choice. I appreciated the way the writer behaved toward the individual he was talking too.

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You are Judged…. In 7 seconds or less

Something amazing happens……in 7 seconds or less! Like it or not you are being judged. First impressions can be positive or negative. Hopefully it’s positive but the point is Image matters. In a 2009 research study by the Natural Neuroscience, they found that the brain makes 11 decisions about a person on the initial encounter.

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5 Keys to a Lasting Resolution

How many of you made a New Year’s Resolution? I hope you have. It’s truly empowering to accomplish something that challenges you.

Recently, I found a research article by Scranton University in the journal of Clinical Psychology showing 45% of people usually make a resolution, 17% infrequently, and 38% never make resolution. The accompanying Top 10 list showed weight loss as the #1 resolution. UGH…

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It starts with the “D”

I talk about 1st impressions being the A B C D’s of your image. Appearance, Behavior, Communication, and Digital message. in todays world your image really begins with the D, followed by A B & C. These days, the digital connection happens before you meet face to face-and often a judgement about you is made before you’ve ever met.

For example…Let me introduce you to my granddaughter, Socora Jade Stoner born on 6/7/2017. It was an interesting delivery that can best be told by her parents, Amy & Ryan, but I would describe the experience as exciting, stressful, humorous, and sweet.

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Eyes on You

Glasses have become quite popular in the recent years. They are an accessory that can be the “exclamation point to your style”. For many they are the necessary accessory for visual needs. Purchasing a quality frame and lens is a worthwhile investment into yourself. Most optical store technicians are helpful in finding you frames and addressing the fit of the frame on your face. What they may not know is your style? What are your career needs, your brand? And what color is most flattering on your skin type. I would like to offer you some tips prior to going to the optical store. You may find this information useful in feeling more confident picking out your next frames.

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Glasses...a point of interest.

Did you know that your glasses are a point of interest? Glasses can be seen as a “historical” marker or popular or amazing! As I travel around I find peoples choices of glasses interesting.

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