Are you being overlooked?

In my career I have had the opportunity to work with professionals from various backgrounds. I have observed how their image could either gain them success or be over looked. I recall a women that I worked with whom I will call Jane. When Jane came to see me she was quite upset with the status of her career. She had worked for this company for 7 years. A hard worker and desired to climb the corporate ladder within the company. Unfortunately promotions and pay raises were not happening for her.

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What is appropriate dress for business women?

It's hard to know. We're influenced by peers, media, and our professional roles. I recently sat in on a round table discussion with a diverse group of women discussing whether or not to wear panty hose. After one woman reached out to a large law firm on the west coast for feedback, it was reported many women in the firm chose bare legs.

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How to Present Your Best Self

How many of you have spent hours, if not days, preparing a speech or a presentation? So much time and effort goes into the preparation of a project. That same consideration should be given to how you present yourself.

I suspect many of you are in positions of leadership that require you to speak or present your product, perhaps before large crowds or around a table, all eyes and ears focused on you. Your personal appearance adds credibility to your message.

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Does your look speak positive of you?

I recently read a quote from Tom Ford “Dressing well is a form of good manners”.
Ill fitting clothes can look cheap, poor quality, you look too fat, you look too skinny, frumpy, shabby, poor economically, odd, strange, the list could go on. I encourage people to invest in their clothing. It is much better to spend more for quality than to have a lot of cheap clothes. Be mindful when you are investing into your wardrobe. The one size fits all item is probably not a good buy.

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12 Tips for Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." ~By Clement C. Moore I love this book! When our children were young we read it hundreds if not thousands of times during Christmas. Now we read it to our grand-kids with the same enthusiasm! We also loved the '12 Days of Christmas' song and often came up with our own verses! I hope you too have special memories to reflect on. According to Google, The Twelve Days of Christmas was a song written during the Puritan Movement in England, when, during the years 1558-1829, Catholics were not allowed to practice their faith. The song actually has two meanings, the literal and the subtle translation that only the Catholics knew. I also learned that the Twelve Days of Christmas began on December 25th and ends January 5th.

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Tips for the Professional Business Traveler

Many positions require travel. Finding ways to be organized and efficient are key. Here are a few:
1.) Look at your week and think about the situation your will be going into. Consider the people you will be interacting with. It will play a part in your wardrobe planning.
2.) Check the weather, plan accordingly.
3.) If you attend different locations during the week,

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New Year...New Beginning

The New Year is always a good time to think about what you want to accomplish, and I find writing it down is quite powerful. Recently I looked back on my journal for the beginning of 2017. Did I achieve everything? No. I was pleased, however, with the list of goals I made and the things I did accomplish.

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Romantic Style

Are you the caring, compassionate, and empathetic type?

This month we will look at the Romantic style. It is the first of the non-classic styles.

These people are the great listeners. They are the person you can always rely on to help others. Their care and support is genuine. They have a non-threatening demeanor. They invite cooperation, not opposition or
conflict. They have a way of putting people at ease and opening up communication. Their sentimental nature is pleasant and spending time with them is enjoyable. For women, they are best defined as feminine and supportive. The Romantic man is supportive and gentlemanly.

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Are you an Alluring or Magnetic Style?

This months style from the 7 Universal Styles is Alluring/Magnetic

It is a style that can quickly catch your eye. When they walk into the room their appearance oozes a sensuous, exciting look. Form fitting clothes and the way they move their bodies draws attention. It’s that sexy charming look that creates a buzz! Unfortunately, this style can be misconstrued as only desiring physical connection; in reality the underlying motivation may also include the desire to engage or connect emotionally with others.

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I was not made to be subtle - Dramatic Style

The person who walks in the door and has a striking presence. Their boldness draws attention as they enter the room. They have an air of sophistication. This style is the Dramatic. If you have been following my styles over the past several months we are now at the final accent style. Dramatic. Each of the styles has its own unique power and message. For the Dramatic style it projects a powerful image through its appearance of an in-control, confident individual.

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