Romantic Style

Are you the caring, compassionate, and empathetic type?

This month we will look at the Romantic style. It is the first of the non-classic styles.

These people are the great listeners. They are the person you can always rely on to help others. Their care and support is genuine. They have a non-threatening demeanor. They invite cooperation, not opposition or
conflict. They have a way of putting people at ease and opening up communication. Their sentimental nature is pleasant and spending time with them is enjoyable. For women, they are best defined as feminine and supportive. The Romantic man is supportive and gentlemanly.

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Are you an Alluring or Magnetic Style?

This months style from the 7 Universal Styles is Alluring/Magnetic

It is a style that can quickly catch your eye. When they walk into the room their appearance oozes a sensuous, exciting look. Form fitting clothes and the way they move their bodies draws attention. It’s that sexy charming look that creates a buzz! Unfortunately, this style can be misconstrued as only desiring physical connection; in reality the underlying motivation may also include the desire to engage or connect emotionally with others.

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I was not made to be subtle - Dramatic Style

The person who walks in the door and has a striking presence. Their boldness draws attention as they enter the room. They have an air of sophistication. This style is the Dramatic. If you have been following my styles over the past several months we are now at the final accent style. Dramatic. Each of the styles has its own unique power and message. For the Dramatic style it projects a powerful image through its appearance of an in-control, confident individual.

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Confidence in the Boardroom

Confidence is necessary in all we do. For women, the Boardroom can be especially intimidating. Mostly because we have been groomed to take a more submissive way of behaving. According to Judith Humphrey in her book Taking the Stage, she quotes The New York Times with “Men still control the most important industries, especially technology, occupying most of the positions on the lists of the richest Americans, and continue to make more money than women who have similar skills and education”. Women are making great strides as they learn to take risks and self-promote.

Confidence is inside out work. Although, getting it right on the outside is key. Research tells us that first impressions are made in seconds. People judge us in the blink of an eye. Being intentional and purposeful with your appearance is important. Ladies you want to be known for your intelligence not what you wear. Boardroom dress is more conservative and quality attire is preferred.

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Great communication = Great success

Fear impacts our communication. I often hear clients tell me “I care what other people think of me”, and “I don’t mean to be offensive”. We don’t mean to be offensive. Unfortunately, we can be so careful about what we say that we lose what needs to be stated. Anxiety and worry holds us back.

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MindFULLness...Do you think of this word in a positive way? I have and I do. BUT…a little play on words changed the meaning for me. Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the social media apps out there? Do you wonder if your profile presents well? Do they communicate what you want? Do you worry if they look professional? My mind is full of concerns in how to effectively present and promote myself positively on social media.

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