Glasses are an important part of your style and your look.

What are your glasses saying about you? -Kathy Sazama

Kathy Sazama red glasses


Did you know that your glasses are a point of interest?  They can be seen as a “historical” marker, popular, trendy, or amazing!  As I travel around the country, I find people’s choices of glasses to be very interesting.  I particularly enjoy glasses that are an extension of the wearer, and look amazing on the person wearing them.  It gives me the first impression of, “wow that person has put some thought into their purchase and the frames really compliment their style”.

What are your glasses saying about you?  I have developed my business, An Image of Excellence, to assist people with answering that very question– and to ensure their specs are an exclamation point on their style, rather than a simple period, or even a question mark!

In writing this, I hope to encourage all of you to take a careful look at your glasses.  First, for your eye health.   Have you had your eyes examined recently?  An old or outdated prescription doesn’t do you any good.   Secondly, now be honest with yourself, are your frames dated?  Are the color, shape or size of your frames flattering?   I like to help coordinate your occupation, color, face shape, and style in to your frames.  Let’s face it, glasses are a necessary accessory for many people. Why not pick a pair that makes a statement just for you?

I appreciate working with Vision Source Specialists of Rapid City, SD as they share the same vision and offer a top quality product that can bring out the best in you.

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