Image Consulting Services

Do you want to stand out in your industry? Perhaps you have been over looked when promotions come along. Unfortunately, the lack of confidence is hindering you. It’s time to make a difference in you!

I have worked with men and women from various experiences, backgrounds and professions. From professionals entering the work force to Politicians perfecting their image. It’s all about communicating the message you want to be known for. I desire to help you achieve your personal best.

Below are the services I offer and what you can expect from each.

One on One Complete Personal Consultation:

  • Explore your goals and needs.
  • Assessment of your physical characteristics. (lines, balance).
  • Style Assessment (complete 9 Assessment tools).
  • Full color draping.
  • Assistance on attire and brands.
  • Follow up 30 days out.

One on One Complete Consultation is only $1250.00

Complete Style Assessment:

  • Includes the complete 7 Universal Styles.
  • 3 hour session.

Complete Style Assessment is only: $350.00

Eye Frame Consultation:

  • Style assessment
  • 1 hour session

Complete Style Assessment is only: $75.00

Speaking and Communication:

Does your company or business need assistance with First Impressions? Does it effectively communicate its brand? Research supports that within 7 seconds you are being judged (Nature of Neuroscience 2009). Your company/business is judged in the same manner. Very quickly, customers will decide positively or negatively about the leadership or ability of your company or business.

My expertise in systems and image consulting have helped numerous men and women to improve their first impressions and so much more.

I train on these subjects:

  • What does your Brand communicate?
  • Problem solving in the work place.
  • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Communicating effectively.
  • Digital Imprint the impression you give.
  • Boundaries clarify the roles of your team.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Etiquette and customer service.
  • Style, know it and feel confident.
  • Interviewing for career opportunity, skills and presentation.

*Business presentations are customized to meet the needs of your business.

Speaking & Communication Training: 1/2 day only: $2,000 Full day only: $4,000