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Kathy's Closet Clean Out

This is a stressful time as we all hunker down 

to get through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Every area of our lives is being touched in one way or another. Feeling organized and productive is a good thing these days. I am choosing closet cleaning today. It may be low on the importance list, but it is needed and will get you thinking and feeling positive. I dread cleaning out a drawer, especially the one that has been the dumping spot (alias “junk drawer”). I chuckle when I do tackle this project. Often, I find those long lost items I was looking for and those things I thought I would use, like a 30% Kohls coupon that is way outdated. My drawer remedy is to just do a drawer a week. No pressure! Don’t feed the dread any more than you need too. I always try to create a “home” for things. It really helps to not be frustrated when you can’t find something.


Closet time!

It’s fun and useful. Let’s organize your clothes, then shoes 

and boots, and finally accessories.

Let’s begin. Take out any extra things that may have been pushed in there to hide because company was coming. Find a home for it or the nearest dumpster. You might be surprised what items are hidden between those tight hangers.

Here are your key tips as you go through all your clothing.
Take each piece and check:

1. Is the color right for you? Wear colors that flatter you and

    harmonize with your skin, hair, and eyes.

2. Does this style suit you and your lifestyle?

3. Does it fit you well? Clothes that don’t fit well look frumpy and cheap.    

   An expensive item won’t look quality if it doesn’t fit you well.

Make three piles on your bed

1. A pile to donate.

2. A pile that needs mending.

3. A pile for the season.

For those of us that live in the Midwest, we need to switch out the winter items and exchange for the spring and summer. I live in a log cabin that doesn’t have enough closet space. I use plastic tubs that slide under the bed to store winter things and then switch out to summer. Works great!!

After you have things out and sorted, begin to put things in color order. All the whites together, the blues, etc... You will walk into your color-coded closet and love it.

One last suggestion. If you travel or need to dress for work. Consider putting together a “bundle”. It’s a planned ahead outfit with all the accessories put together. My good friend Sheila takes pictures of outfits, so she knows what works. It is a time saver for sure.

Happy Closet cleaning!!

Booking a Style Consultation is a great way to build confidence in yourself. As always I am available to help you pull it together to present your personal best. Email me at IUpAVUlYYUhORFJFD0JOTA@nospam or to schedule yours!