Kathy was excellent and professional...

My image consultation with Kathy Sazama was fun, insightful and helpful.  From color analysis, to facial imaging, to personal clothing style Kathy was excellent and professional in helping me better understand how to best present myself in a professional way.  Through her in-depth, questionnaire she was able to gain an understanding of me and then ask further questions to help me identify my own style.  It was all very insightful!  I am looking forward to more intentionally developing my professional wardrobe to reflect my coloring and my personal style.  Thank you, Kathy!

Jackie Bauer

Certified Professional Life Coach and Transitions Coach

New Pathway Life Coaching



Working with Kathy gave me self confidence.

When Kathy said she would help me run for City Council I had NO idea what a gift I had been given. She became a key part of my team.

Kathy helped me with coordinating my wardrobe, helped me buy my “power suit” for the forums I participated in and made sure the colors I wore complimented my skin tone and eye color. And she wasn’t done. She assisted me on makeup application and a personal hair style.

I was a self-proclaimed tomboy growing up so for me her services were invaluable. Kathy even helped me walk door-to-door. Like I said she was an intricate part of my campaign team.

Looking good, presenting well are all part of selling yourself as a professional. Kathy helped me to attain those goals. Although, I believe that God is ultimately in control, having Kathy’ expertise certainly gave my campaign and gave me a distinct advantage over my opponent.

Working with Kathy gave me self confidence, because once you look good and feel good, you can go out and be your best.

She also encouraged me to focus on one word that represented my campaign. That word for me was INTEGRITY. That could very well be Kathy’s word as well. She models Integrity in every aspect of her dealings with clients.

If you are looking for an edge against a competitor, want to nail a job interview or increase your sales performance I would highly recommend Kathy Sazama.


Becky Drury, Rapid City Alderwoman Ward One

“Love my frames!”

Thank you so much for helping me choose a great color and frame style for me. It is helpful to know what colors are best suited for my skin tone. Plus style of frame is so important to me because I want to wear my frames for several years to come. Love my frames! Thank you Kathy!

Jennifer Sabo

“I would recommend Kathy to anyone”

Holly Blumer

We went through the color pallet to determine to colors that were mine and the color of frames that would look the best on me with my skin color, eyes, and hair.  She helped me pick the shape and size for my face structure.  Kathy then proceeded to select the frames at Vision Source that she thought would be the best for me.  I tried them on and we went through a process of elimination to select the pair I liked.

She is great at what she does, and it’s a pleasure and fun to work with her.

If I was still working and not retired, I would certainly have her help me pick out my wardrobe. She would select clothes that would bring out the wow in you.

I had one of the most wonderful experiences in picking out my eyewear that I have ever had.

You know that she has done a wonderful job for you when people come up to you and say how great you look, and how much younger you look.

I would recommend Kathy to anyone that would like professional help with selecting eye wear or wardrobe selections.”

“She helped me pick [glasses for] the shape and size for my face structure. ”

“I had one of the most wonderful experiences in picking out my eyewear that I have ever had.”

“I would recommend Kathy to anyone that would like professional help with selecting eye wear or wardrobe selections!”

Holly Blumer, Rapid City, SD

“What an awesome experience!”

“What an awesome experience Kathy provided on picking out the right glasses and color.  Love how they look on me and the compliments I get wearing them.  I would have never picked the glasses she picked by myself”.

- Sandra Crown

Sandra Crown